InvertedPower focuses on the convergence of the electrification of transportation and the transition to 100% renewable energy.

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Melbourne, Australia

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About InvertedPower


The total cost of ownership (CAPEX & OPEX) of deploying and maintaining a network of EV charging infrastructure, and simultaneously improving stability and renewable energy hosting capability of the wider network.


Economical DC coupled integration of bidirectional storage and solar in EV charging infrastructure, which can be orchestrated to double as a distributed energy resource benefitting the wider grid. Furthermore, infrastructure costs are further reduced (~10x reduction) by exploiting onboard DC chargers of a new generation of EVs while maintaining interoperability.


InvertedPower has a number of internationally recognised core patents in the fields of economically integrating bidirectional storage into charging infrastructure, and powertrain integrated DC charging for commercial and next generation passenger electric vehicles.

Biggest Achievements

  1. Licensing of our "Battery Boost" EV charging station technology to market leader Heliox in Netherlands, with "SprintCharge" product launch at UITP in Stockholm and Busworld in Brussels in 2019.
  2. Projects and collaboration with some of the world leading global vehicle OEMs and Tier1 for next generation EVs with onboard DC chargers.
  3. Numerous upcoming projects and Tier1/OEM collaborations for whole of system optimised EV charging infrastructure for electric buses in North America, Europe, SE Asia, and Australia.

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