Fohat is a Brazilian energy intelligence startup also based in Australia, which connects generators, traders, consumers, transforming bits into coins. At the production edge, it connects all systems for efficient, safe and profitable power generation, transforming electron into bits. In this way, we help society have more accessible and cheaper electricity, the market to be more democratic and the planet to have its energy sources preserved for these and future generations.

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Melbourne, Australia

Management Team

Douglas Ferreira avatar

Douglas Ferreira

Co-founder and Head of Global Business Development

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Igor Ferreira

Founder & CEO

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Sonia Marques

Head of Brand & Marketing

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About Fohat


The energy transition is moving forwards with the electrification of consumption and the digitalization, decentralization and decarbonation of energy systems. These systems are ever more distributed and decentralized, with better reach and integration of renewable energies and storage.

They are no longer one-way systems. Self-consumption, microgrids and the empowerment of the consumer leads to bidirectional systems in which the management of demand has to play a relevant role in the support of the management and control of the energy network.

Fohat plays an important role in the provision of energy solutions to support the Network instability caused by high adoption of DERs.


Our product is an advanced microgrid controller with real-time energy pricing. It controls the physical energy flow in an energy microgrid managing distributed onsite generation, storage and the electricity grid.

It is composed by two distinct software platforms. The first one is I-Grid, responsible for deciding what’s the best resource to supply energy to a building. The second one is Raptor which is an energy trading platform based on blockchain technology that allow us to set the real energy price of your asset into the market.

Through the aggregation of multiple DERs and microgrids we enable VPPs (Virtual Power Plants) to support the electricity grid.


Platforms can work integrated or independently.

The trading platform can for instance operate individually as an OTC (over-the-counter) market to allow bilateral trading of energy related products such as energy or RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates).

If integrated, the solution can bring the next stage of control to a microgrid allowing the system to respond to market signals and provide Ancillary Services to the market.

Biggest Achievements

Fohat is TOP 2 in the Energy Sector in the 100 Startups Ranking Brazil and stablished close relationships with major energy stakeholders through open innovation model. Fohat raised more than U$2Million in funds and have projects in Chile, Brazil and Australia.

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