eleXsys Energy

eleXsys Energy

eleXsys Energy transforms the economics of optimised commercial rooftop solar and battery installations and develops grid-connected microgrid solutions that overcome industry voltage regulation and the restrictions that curtail the export of surplus clean energy into adjacent low voltage networks.

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Melbourne, Australia

Management Team

John Coates avatar

John Coates

Director of Development APAC

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Jonathan Ruddick


Chirag Panchal avatar

Chirag Panchal

Electrical and Electronics (R&D) Engineer

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Olivier Saboureau

International Director Structured Finance

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Merten Foerster

Director Smart Grid Applications

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About eleXsys Energy


Covering urban and commercial rooftops with solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, augmented by batteries, is the fastest, most cost-effective route to create a clean energy world.

However, there are challenges:

  • Voltage volatility caused by surplus rooftop solar energy feeding into low voltage networks causes grid instability
  • Grid instability leads to limits on the amount of installed clean, distributed energy across networks and expensive capital upgrades with costs passed to consumers via higher power prices;
  • Grid operators impose curtailment or zero-export of surplus rooftop solar energy to keep voltages within statutory limits thereby limiting opportunities to significantly increase the amount of least-cost renewable energy available for consumers.

Over time, electricity networks worldwide will need to respond to the challenge of voltage instability caused by increasing distributed energy resources (DER).


eleXsys® is an advanced power electronics device integrating a suite of artificial intelligence (AI) proprietary software applications enabling next-generation, two-way smart grids.

With grid-forming capabilities, this internationally award-winning technology platform manages the stability and resilience of distributed energy resources optimising their integration with local networks.

eleXsys can also be configured to enable more efficient off-grid microgrid solutions for rural and remote communities.


Traditional electricity network power conversion and connection solutions rely on heavy, bulky equipment, that are expensive and require complex installation and operating procedures.

eleXsys offers a quantum leap in functionality and application in a simple, compact micropower electronics device with a suite of software applications that promises ease of installation and operation, all wrapped in a software as a service subscription model.

eleXsys’ AI-based software delivers services that are normally provided by multiple devices, including voltage management, power factor correction, microgrid operation, and energy market trading applications.

Biggest Achievements

eleXsys Energy is transforming the IKEA retail outlet in Adelaide into an unconstrained, grid-connected commercial microgrid. The IKEA eleXsys Microgrid is the largest of its kind in Australia.

The $6.6m, 1.2MW solar installation connected to an on-site 3MW battery combined with the eleXsys Energy Management System (eEMS) represents a significant step forward for IKEA in meeting its goal to be carbon neutral by 2030.

This flagship project showcases eleXsys as an innovative, cost-effective solution to the curtailment of DER by networks to enable optimised rooftop solar and battery installations across commercial and industrial buildings that significantly reduce on-site energy costs and generate new revenue streams for C&I building owners.

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