Edge Electrons

Edge Electrons

Edge Electrons is an Asian energy technology company, founded in 2013. Edge has developed a unique data monitoring and energy saving platform for residential and commercial markets, as well as electricity network operators.

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Melbourne, Australia

Management Team

Richard McIndoe avatar

Richard McIndoe

Executive Chairman

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Kristen Sanchez

National Sales Manager

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Prateek Shah

Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director

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Nathan Oxley

GM - Business Development & Strategy

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About Edge Electrons


Global uptake of new distributed energy resources (DER) such as solar and batteries is driving disruption in the traditional centralized electricity utility model, causing power reliability issues at the same time that customers are demanding lower cost and more environmentally responsible energy supply.

  • Problem 1: Low voltage networks lack real time visibility and analysis of power flows and asset performance. Networks require real time data from Edge's proprietary power monitoring platform to respond to power quality and reliability events and forecast network constraint and asset management issues.
  • Problem 2: Customers have increasing focus on energy costs and the global challenge of reducing carbon emissions. Edge's patented voltage regulation and power factor correction, supported by the EdgeConnected customer energy monitoring platform, reduce power costs and cCO2 emissions by up to 20%.


Edge has developed, patented, and manufactures 3 key energy saving and monitoring technologies:

  1. Edge Data Services uses Edge's proprietary eSensor network monitoring technology to provide real time asset management, energy monitoring and demand response capability for electricity networks, retailers and end customers.
  2. Edge's PowerSave is the most efficient power factor correction technology globally. Edge's patented, digital PFC technology reduces heat emissions, improves safety, extends life and is smaller size than traditional PFC technologies.
  3. EdgeIQ is a globally patented AC:AC voltage regulation technology for businesses and residential customers. By regulating voltage at a 99%+ efficiency level EdgeIQ reduces electricity consumption, protects appliances from damaging high voltage fluctuation and protects the home from potentially dangerous voltage surge and spike.


  1. unique, globally patented monitoring and energy saving technologies which address the key issues facing the global electricity markets
  2. experienced and successful international management team with proven track record building and managing multi billion dollar international businesses in the energy and electronics sectors.

Biggest Achievements

Supply partnership for Edge's proprietary platform of over 50,000 transformer and network monitoring devices with Meralco, the largest Philippine utility

Supply partnership with Commonwealth Bank to deliver EdgeConX energy monitoring technology and platform to its residential customer base, representing over 1.5 million Australian customers by 2027.

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