DiUS Powersensor

DiUS Powersensor

The Powersensor is the simplest way to see (and save) energy used from the whole-of-house level down to individual appliances. For those with solar, the Powersensor is the simplest way to see and make the most of solar generation. Uniquely, the Powersensor is a wireless DIY install product that requires no site visit by an electrician, disruption of supply, or any wiring - allowing households, and their energy advisors, energy/appliance retailers and solar providers to be smart about energy. The Powersensor is a product by DiUS - an Australian pioneer of agile product development that has successfully commercialised hundreds of emerging technology products.

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Melbourne, Australia

Management Team

Sundar Iyer avatar

Sundar Iyer

GM - Energy Products and Markets

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Alicia Foreman

Product Marketing Manager

 Joe Losinno avatar

Joe Losinno


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Zoran Angelovski

Head of Development

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Emma Crowl

Head of Finance

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Clency Coutet


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About DiUS Powersensor


Energy has long been one of the largest personal expenses and with working and learning from home increasing this year, power bills have risen, in some cases, by 20-30% meaning electricity is now an even bigger part of the household budget.

For such a substantial expense, it’s unfortunate that households have not had transparency of their energy use and, and for those who have paid thousands more for solar, an unmonitored system means they cannot make the most of their investment.

No visibility means no control over expenditure. By the time a household receives their bill (or a bill shock), it's too late. Existing alternatives to provide visibility require an electrician, at least one site visit, disruption of supply and hard-wiring.


The DiUS Powersensor empowers households with visibility - whole of site and appliance-level usage and solar generation - in the simplest way possible. No electrician, no wiring, no tools, no disruption of supply. Works with any meter or solar inverter. You just need a mobile phone and a WiFi connection.


Patented do-it-yourself approach to low-cost energy data acquisition from any meter and any solar inverter. With this data we drive (1) savings and safety outcomes for end-users (2) greater engagement outcomes for on and off-grid energy and solar providers (3) lower energy and carbon footprints for the community and nation.

Biggest Achievements

Successful transition to commercialisation phase : Technology patented - first wireless, self-installed solution that does not require wiring, proven in 500+ installations and paying customers in Australia, Singapore and New Zealand.

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